Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

  1. All players are ambassadors for Northern Ireland and County Down in particular. NO OTHER FOOTBALL COLOURS ARE TO BE WORN COMING TO OR GOING FROM COUNTY DOWN TRAINING  SESSIONS.

2.    Discipline will be maintained at all times.

3.    Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, Bullying, Sectarianism, Mobile Phone Tunes will not be tolerated.

4.    Players will treat the accommodation as if it was their own home.

5.    Your will keep your room neat and tidy before the housekeepers arrive.

6.    Players must sleep in their allocated room, no visitors, other teams or girls are permitted.

7.    Players must be in bed by 10.00pm Junior, 10.30pm Premier.

8.    Players must be on their best behaviour, both on and off the field of play, and while travelling to and from games.

9.    Players must be neat and tidy at all times; boots must be cleaned prior to all games with studs / laces intact. Shin guards are not an optional extra they must be worn for your own safety.

10. Players will be responsible for each others behaviour with the team captain carrying overall responsibility.

11. Players behaviour will be reported to their parents at the end of the tournament whether good or bad.

12. Officials will always be in attendance; at least two officials will be with the team in the accommodation at all times.

13. Good sportsmanship is required on and off the field by players and officials.

14. Discipline will be the responsibility of the Team Manager while the offender(s) may have the right of appeal to the Committee.

15. Any player who does not comply with this Code of Conduct will be sent home, and a letter of explanation will be sent to their parents.


Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians

The committee believes that parents play a very important role in their childs development in sport. To that end, the county would ask all parents to contribute to the county and their childs participation in sport. In particular the county expects all parents to:

1. Encourage but not force an unwilling child to participate in sport or in the county.

2. Recognise that childrens enjoyment in sport and as a member of this county is paramount.

3. Emphasise enjoyment and fun and praise and reinforce effort and improvement.

4. Promote and teach fair play by setting a good example.

5. Teach their child that effort and teamwork are as important as winning.

6. Help their child to set realistic goals, improve their skills and develop a positive sporting attitude.

7. Never ridicule or shout at any child for making a mistake or losing a competition.

8. Acknowledge and applaud good play by all players including opposing players. Parents/Guardians should set an example by being friendly towards the opposing team, its supporters and parents.

9. Publicly accept an officials  judgement  and never question their honesty.

10. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from childrens sporting activities by refraining from personally using foul language or displaying aggressive behaviour towards referees, opposing teams or their officials and supporters.

11. Express any concerns about their child to the nominated officer.

12. Recognise the importance and value of coaches and others within the county who give their time, expertise and resources to provide opportunities for young people free of charge.

13. Parents should refrain from giving instructions to their own child or players whilst taking part in the competitive games for the county. Only the team manager/coach or nominated person should give instructions to the players. Parents should give encouragement and not instructions as this leads to confusion. (Too many cooks spoil the broth).

14. When training commences at Crossgar, parents are requested not to cross the first football pitch to the far pitch but remain at the club house, except when a match is taking place and then remain on the side of the pitch nearest the club house.